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Hospital White Boards
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Options on the Boards


All graphics are tailored to fit the unique needs of your facility. A standard med/surg board can include any amount of information you need. Boards can be uniquely configured to each room, with the specific variable data for individual room and phone numbers. Include elements such as pain scales, rounding schedules or any other desired information. Add logos and custom branding specific to your facility.

All boards are available in any language and can be printed double sided for easy language changes based on diverse patient populations.


Customized boards meet the specific needs of your various specialized hospital units. From radiology to labor and delivery, and cardiology, a custom board in your units informs patients to know that they are receiving the highest level of care for their specialized condition. Unique fields on each board can address concerns specific to each unit, such as the baby’s feeding plan, an organ diagram for illustrating specific aspects of a surgical procedure, and patient daily goal objectives.


Effectively communicate detailed procedure information to all care team members. Our custom compliance and shift huddle boards are a simple solution to meet your everyday organizational requirements. Board use is the best practice to improve patient safety and compliance with National Patient Safety Goals.

Implementation of daily huddle and metrics boards help ensure comprehensive compliance across all departments and personnel.

  1. MESS: Methods, Equipment, Supplies, and Staffing (displayed as green or red)
  2. Situation Awareness Notifications (abnormalities that need special attention that day)
  3. Recognition (employees who go above and beyond contributions from previous day)
  4. Announcements (department or institutional changes taking place that day)
  5. Daily Workload (reported in patient volumes and previous day test volume)
  6. Quick Hits and Big Issues (problem solving: QH completed within 3 days/check-in dates for each)

A multi-tiered system would include huddle boards from individual department levels (i.e. Chemistry, Microbiology, or satellite department), one overall for the lab, and the hospital as a whole. Each tier would report up to the next tier daily at the same time. Huddles are kept to five minutes or less.

Pertinent Information to Include on Patient Communication Boards

  • Activity Notes
  • Allergies
  • Best Care for Me
  • Care Team Information
  • Daily Goals
  • Day/Date
  • Diet Plan/Menu Restrictions
  • Discharge Date
  • Family Contact Information
  • Helpful Contact Numbers
  • Hourly Rounding Grid
  • Labs/X-Rays/IV
  • Logo Banner
  • Medication Dosage Chart
  • Mobility/Safety Risks
  • Nursing Director/Case Mgr.
  • Pain Scale/Pain Goal
  • PCA/Tech
  • Physician Grid
  • Preferred Language
  • Room # and Phone #
  • Rounding Acronym (5 P's, etc.)
  • Slogan or Hospital Directive
  • Therapy: OT/PT/RT/ST
  • Vitals

Sturdy, elegant, and functional FlipUp front load frame construction allows graphic inserts to be easily swapped without having to remove frame from the wall. Just lift up the frame edges and swap out your prints. Frames are offered in silver or black finishes. Custom color options available.

Clear dry erasable lens cover allows for writing on the board. Lenses are easily replaceable and much less expensive than having to replace an entire board when the dry erase surface begins to degrade.

Magnetic Steel Backer Boards Available

Custom board configurations / options (free standing) available

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